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Get your field services in order

One of the most important tasks of any company is to ensure the smooth flow of field work, and to make sure that decisions can be made quickly without unnecessary delays. Every minute counts, and there is no time to waste. Streamlining field work is not impossible, but it can be surprisingly challenging due to the fragmented nature of field services. With Salesforce’s Field Service, you can forge the pieces into an intact operational entity.

Clearer and faster

Field Service is a modern field work management tool aimed primarily at simplifying the process of resolving issues and speeding up the team operations. It gives field workers access to all the information they need and allows project managers to prioritise, schedule and even route the field workers’ tasks in a more rational way.

Do not waste opportunities – seize them

It is essential to ensure that all team members have access to information that is relevant for their work. This allows you to reduce the time wasted on unnecessary customer visits, and you can make sure you never lose an opportunity to generate additional sales. This kind of seamless communication is facilitated by Field Service’s offline mobile app.

We are your partner

Loikka Solutions is an official Salesforce partner determined to help companies turn smooth field services into a competitive advantage, and to achieve their full potential and better results – with Salesforce.

Learning Journeys

Hartwall needed tools for a more unified sales method. Understanding customers and to better meet their needs was another goal that was set. “We found that the cooperation with our customers considerably improved and deepened throughout this project. Salespeople following new doctrines achieved better results and healthier customer relationships”, according to Hartwall Sales Director Marko Airamaa.

Our goal was a unified sales process, which would have a boost on the management of sales and better results. With Honka we planned and implemented a change project, which included four training days for approx. 30 sales representatives. “Loikka’s coaching services gave the desired boost and concrete tools to implement our previously engaged transformation process. Naturally the work within Honka continues from there, but the outsider help provided to be genuinely useful”, summarizes Business Director Jari Noppa.

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