Take your next career leap with us!

Loikka Solutions is not your average Salesforce consultancy. 

We combine our expertise in business strategy and Salesforce implementation to help our clients reach their full potential.  

We are a fast-growth, low-hierarchy, and tight-knit team. At Loikka, you are more than a resource thrown into client projects; we all play a role in developing Loikka’s future. Our success is achieved through a culture where people have space to grow, learn, and go beyond the expected. 

Our days are never the same. At Loikka, we work with customers of different sizes – from startups and scale-ups to international enterprises, and we give you a choice to specialize in the type of customers you prefer to work with.

Welcome to the team, whether you are a rising star or already at the top of your game!

Reasons to join Loikka

May the Salesforce be with you

We used to be Salesforce customers, and we fell in love with it. We decided to put 100% of our focus around Salesforce technologies.

It is a fantastic platform and one of the fastest-growing technologies and ecosystems – much more than just a sales platform.

We are a proud official Salesforce partner and one of the leaders in the space.

Our team is greater than the sum of its parts

When you join Loikka, you join a team that grows together through a 70/30 model. That means you can dedicate 30% of your work time to learning, supporting others, and contributing to Loikka’s rapid growth.

Autonomy is our best ally

We trust your opinion. You get to design your work, whether it’s about where or how you work.  We help you find the way that fits your situation best.

We always give it our best shot

We are experts in our craft. Our clients appreciate our ability to challenge, educate, and lead them in a data-driven way. We ultimately help them level up their business game. We are coaches and strategists at heart who want to see our clients succeed holistically – not only by implementing a sales tool.

Meet our team

“Loikka is a great place to work if you are proactive and enjoy a challenge. The sky’s the limit for what you get to do, the people you get to work with, and your growth opportunities.  I don’t mean it lightly when I say that Loikka is awesome”

– Mika Torkkola, Senior Salesforce consultant

We’re aiming to be happy, balanced top performers in Salesforce & holistic business development”

– Aki, Founding partner

 My 6.5 years of experience with Salesforce combined with my 17 Salesforce certifications led me working towards becoming a Salesforce Certified Technical Architect.; the most coveted certification in the field. As much preparation is needed to acquire this certification, Loikka’s 70/30 rule has been very valuable. I spend the vast majority of my 30% working towards this goal.”

– Hermanni Toivo, Salesforce Architect

How we hire

It is all about finding a mutual match! This is your opportunity to assess whether Loikka would be a good fit for you and vice versa.



Show us who you are, what you can do, and what you want to achieve/learn


Intro call

Online call with the hiring manager to get to know each other better


Home assignment

Test our everyday work. Take-away assignment to access your Salesforce knowledge and consultant competence


Team interview

Face-to-face interview with the team. Present your home assignment results and showcase your skills


Decision and offer

If we like what we hear and you are ready to leap, we’ll officially invite you to join the team

Still curious?

“Yes. It’s our key focus and passion. We hope it’s yours, too!”

Come as you are. We’re eager to hear about your life story and what makes you tick. This is also a great opportunity to assess whether Loikka would be your optimal employer. Challenge us and ask questions!

Yes, you can! You have full autonomy to decide where you work as long as the work gets done and our clients stay happy.

Yes, definitely. Don’t worry if you’re not 100% confident with Salesforce; we’ll teach you. We put effort into getting you hands-on projects so that you can learn all the essentials about Salesforce. You will also work alongside a senior team member supporting you on your journey, so you’re never alone.

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