Sales and marketing are at the core of most companies’ operations, but the two are very different by nature. While it is easy to measure sales performance, verifying and measuring the effectiveness of marketing efforts is a much more challenging task. That is why we have Salesforce and Loikka Solutions.

Measuring marketing performance

Measuring marketing effectiveness is difficult for many reasons. During the acquisition process, the customer may be in contact with the sales and marketing teams of the company countless times – anything from reading blogs and guides to answering sales calls. In addition, there may be several decision-makers behind the final purchase decision, which makes it difficult to measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Lack of high-quality customer data causes problems

Another substantial marketing challenge is the precise targeting of the efforts. In order to use the limited marketing budget and time as efficiently as possible, the customers should be segmented into different target groups and contacted through different channels. To do so, the company must keep an up-to-date customer record which can be utilised by the sales and marketing teams. However, as many companies store their customer data in several different systems, it is not possible to segment the customers for targeted marketing. This, in turn, reduces the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Concrete results with Salesforce

With Salesforce, your company will be able to serve all of its customers at all stages of their customer relationships – from marketing and sales to invoices.

By commissioning Salesforce’s marketing automation solution, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, your company is doing itself a big favour. The use of Marketing Cloud is based on an analysis of the current marketing results, which enables the company to quickly contact the leads with most potential. Moreover, identifying them is easy with the lead scoring and classification tool.

The marketing automation system also serves the existing customers, as new purchase paths and campaigns can be created for them with the help of the collected data.

We are your partner

Loikka Solutions is an official Salesforce partner. We can help your company turn marketing into a competitive advantage by finding high-quality leads with the help of Salesforce and the current data it collects.

Learning Journeys

Hartwall needed tools for a more unified sales method. Understanding customers and to better meet their needs was another goal that was set. “We found that the cooperation with our customers considerably improved and deepened throughout this project. Salespeople following new doctrines achieved better results and healthier customer relationships”, according to Hartwall Sales Director Marko Airamaa.

Our goal was a unified sales process, which would have a boost on the management of sales and better results. With Honka we planned and implemented a change project, which included four training days for approx. 30 sales representatives. “Loikka’s coaching services gave the desired boost and concrete tools to implement our previously engaged transformation process. Naturally the work within Honka continues from there, but the outsider help provided to be genuinely useful”, summarizes Business Director Jari Noppa.

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