Salesforce is a leading global cloud-based customer relationship management system, used already by over 150,000 businesses worldwide. 

Salesforce – tell me more

With Salesforce businesses can serve all their customers in all stages – from marketing to sales to even customer service tickets.  

Salesforce is not a traditional, inflexible IT system. It’s a business technology with which the business can digitize their business functions into a customized package for their specific needs. 

Loikka Solutions is an official Salesforce Partner, with hundreds of Salesforce projects under our belt. 

More than a CRM – Customer 360 

Salesforce is a platform which compiles all customer-related data into the so-called single “Customer 360” view. In utilizing this data, Salesforce offers the business’ key functions these solutions:

Sales Cloud CRM – manage your customers and sales
Service Cloud – offer your customers superior customer service in all channels
Marketing Cloud and Pardot – multi-channel platforms for B2B and B2C marketing
Experience Cloud – engage your customers and partners via portals 
Commerce Cloud – sell efficiently in a B2C online store 
Salesforce Lightning – develop feature-rich applications to be a part of the user interface
Appexchange – expand your environment with app store extensions
Integrations – combine Salesforce with all your other systems

With the advantage of Salesforce, you’ll have your businesses key teams (sales, marketing, customer service, online stores, and IT) collaborating on the same platform.

A system made for the Client

Salesforce is a system made for the client. It’s easy to use and can be modified quickly when the business faces a change. 

Unlike other systems, clients can modify and develop Salesforce without the need of an implementation partner or coding skills. 

Salesforce invests in its clients’ growth by offering all information readily available in an easy an understandable format. Free and always up-to-date Trailhead online training courses help business personnel in developing their skills. The system is updated three times a year, uninterrupted.

Enabler of transformation

Along with the right partner, Salesforce offers the modern technology and the necessary management tools for a successful transformation – whether you’re after improving profitability, growth, the modernization of old systems, developing digital services, recruiting or corporate buyouts. 

Fits all sizes

Salesforce is easy to grasp and use. It can be expanded as the needs of the company grow. Salesforce offers a variety of licensing models to suit the company’s size.


Salesforce’s Einstein AI is embedded in every customer’s Salesforce environment. However, without quality data, well-functioning processes and a motivating company culture, artificial intelligence cannot produce anything new. With Salesforce, motivated users become curious. They make extensive use of technology and produce quality data. It enables Salesforce’s AI algorithms to reveal important trends and possible deviations in, e.g., customer behavior.

The Right Partner for You

We live and breathe Salesforce, and love bringing transformation into the everyday business life. We know how you think. We recognize your fears. We were a Salesforce customer ourselves for almost 10 years. 

Other systems

We have experience and knowledge of many different technological solutions, and when needed we will help with the use of other systems.

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Learning Journeys

Hartwall needed tools for a more unified sales method. Understanding customers and to better meet their needs was another goal that was set. “We found that the cooperation with our customers considerably improved and deepened throughout this project. Salespeople following new doctrines achieved better results and healthier customer relationships”, according to Hartwall Sales Director Marko Airamaa.

Our goal was a unified sales process, which would have a boost on the management of sales and better results. With Honka we planned and implemented a change project, which included four training days for approx. 30 sales representatives. “Loikka’s coaching services gave the desired boost and concrete tools to implement our previously engaged transformation process. Naturally the work within Honka continues from there, but the outsider help provided to be genuinely useful”, summarizes Business Director Jari Noppa.

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