Onboarding is required when your team gains new players, products, tools, systems, or processes. This is our expertise. After our sessions participants are smoothly able to implement what they learned. 

Loikka Onboarding

Together, we can also plan a fully digital onboarding for each situation, if necessary. All plans are always based on researched data. We utilize technology to help individuals get familiar with the new; whether it’s a new job, system, or both – or something else. 

In our work seminars we’ll define the “learning architecture” and contents of the onboarding. We then build a path into the digital Promote learning platform, available to everyone. Orientation paths can be defined to cover all possible scenarios, including starting seasonal workers or new salespeople, new product introductions or the successful implementation of a new CRM. 

Promote is a cloud-based service, so it doesn’t require installation or the resources of the IT department. Our clients have been satisfied with Promote, because it allows everyone to follow the actual onboarding progress on a daily basis. Participants like Promote because it allows individual customization, pedagogically effective learning, and getting a quick grasp on new subjects. Interactive doing-by-learning – with the support of others and the supervisor – and a modern digital learning environment works and produces great results. And the system is fully scalable. 

  • Based on research on the effectiveness of the training
  • At the core is a high-quality, logical, clear, and interactive induction
  • An active role for the participant (“reflect, comment, ponder”) instead of a passive one (“read & assume”)
  • Involving and supporting the instructor (clear process, instructions)
  • Supporting and creating interaction
  • Focus on the quality of onboarding
  • Tracking the progress of onboarding in real time, both for the participant and the instructor
  • Save time on onboarding and improve the participant’s ability to get a grasp of their duties faster and more efficiently 

Key Figures

Studied information taken into everyday life


Raise in employee engagement through induction


A good orientation program increases the productivity of recruitment


Learning Journeys

Hartwall needed tools for a more unified sales method. Understanding customers and to better meet their needs was another goal that was set. “We found that the cooperation with our customers considerably improved and deepened throughout this project. Salespeople following new doctrines achieved better results and healthier customer relationships”, according to Hartwall Sales Director Marko Airamaa.

Our goal was a unified sales process, which would have a boost on the management of sales and better results. With Honka we planned and implemented a change project, which included four training days for approx. 30 sales representatives. “Loikka’s coaching services gave the desired boost and concrete tools to implement our previously engaged transformation process. Naturally the work within Honka continues from there, but the outsider help provided to be genuinely useful”, summarizes Business Director Jari Noppa.

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