Loikka takes the client on a journey of transformation, where each issue is tackled with scientific precision. Set intermediate goals achieve desired results, a competitive advantage, better sales, and growth. Utilizing our services and tools, our modern sales development methods are guaranteed to gain results.


Our proven union of science and technology is the basis of our training. On average, after a well-planned and implemented learning journey, 85% of the participants were more successful in dealing with everyday challenges and gaining better sales results.


Salesforce is a leading global cloud-based customer relationship management system, used already by over 150,000 businesses worldwide. 


Onboarding is required when your team gains new players, products, tools, systems, or processes. This is our expertise. After our sessions participants are smoothly able to implement what they learned. 

Game Plan

Our modern sales development methods guarantee the success of our services. We focus on the customer of our client. Always. Without exception. 

Our partners 

Learning Journeys

Hartwall needed tools for a more unified sales method. Understanding customers and to better meet their needs was another goal that was set. “We found that the cooperation with our customers considerably improved and deepened throughout this project. Salespeople following new doctrines achieved better results and healthier customer relationships”, according to Hartwall Sales Director Marko Airamaa.

Our goal was a unified sales process, which would have a boost on the management of sales and better results. With Honka we planned and implemented a change project, which included four training days for approx. 30 sales representatives. “Loikka’s coaching services gave the desired boost and concrete tools to implement our previously engaged transformation process Naturally the work within Honka continues from there, but the outsider help provided to be genuinely useful”, summarizes Business Director Jari Noppa.

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